Provide a familiar desktop experience anywhere, anytime, on any device with our remote workforce accelerator solution. Ensure business continuity and improve:

  • Productivity

  • Security

  • Efficiency

What’s involved?

We use our automation IP to fast-track best practice AWS foundations, supporting Amazon WorkSpaces virtual desktop interface (VDI) roll-outs. The project can be delivered entirely remotely by CMD’s Australia-based team.

The CMD difference

– Our novel automation approach speeds up adoption, scalability and efficiency
– We’re an AWS Premier Partner and one of just two Australian AWS End User Compute Competency partners
– We’ve got experience delivering this solution, including at nib and OilSearch
– We can deliver remotely, reducing COVID-19 risk and exposure

Amazon WorkSpaces foundation (fixed)



Image and Application Customisation



ie. corporate office, contractors



ie. offshore BPO



ie. application developers

Amazon Workspaces foundation
(fixed cost)

$15k (base cost can be avoided with 2 year managed services contract)


  • Solution design and as-built implementation documentation
  • AWS Foundations and AWS Network (Optional)
  • AWS Workspace cluster deployment and configuration
  • AD integration (AD Connector)
  • AD group design recommendations and structure
  • Workspaces automated provisioning and deprovisioning (AD group membership)
  • Workspaces cost optimiser automation
  • GPO configuration updates to support AWS Workspaces
  • Integration with desktop application publishing software (i.e. SCCM)
  • 3 days worth of Image customisation / manual application installation and troubleshooting


  • Rapidly implement scalable VDI / Desktop as a Service solution
  • Cost-effective PAYG cost model
  • Simple scalable DR/BCP solution to scale from minimal Workspaces footprint to large scale deployment rapidly
  • Customer managed provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Integrates with existing desktop management solutions for application installation, OS configuration and application publishing (i.e. WSUS, SCCM)
  • Connectivity to on-premise applications and systems via existing connections to AWS

Image and application customisation

Will vary based on size, complexity and requirements*

Provided on a Time and Materials basis:

  • Modifications to existing desktop management software 
  • Custom / additional documentation
  • Custom image creation including application installs, packaging, publishing
  • Custom integration with client systems (monitoring, logging, security etc)
  • Support of image and application testing
  • Getting a compliant / secure AWS account if customer wants to self provision
  • AD changes (new users and groups etc)
  • GPO configuration for multiple images or large complex environments
  • Network integration (i.e. on premise firewall, routing etc)
  • Image creation – installation of custom software and configuration
  • Requirement for meeting any specific compliance standards (i.e. PCI)


  • Number of images 
  • Number of applications within the image
  • Existing image packaging process
  • Complexity and knowledge of application packaging process
  • Requirements for complex applications i.e. telephony, applications with local licensing
  • Availability of application SME’s, installation media and documentation

Indicative variable package sizes

Small ($15k)

ie corporate office, contractor
  • Small number of applications within the Image
  • Current application packaging process well understood and documented
  • Application SME’s available to support image creation
  • IT and UAT testers available to test
  • Minimal to no manual installation / configuration

Medium ($50k)

ie offshore BPO
  • Small to medium number of applications
  • Multiple clusters/images for deployment into Workspaces
  • Current application packaging process well understood and documented
  • Manual installation required 
  • IT and UAT testers available to test

Large ($100k+)

ie application developers
  • Large number of applications
  • Minimal documentation of application installations and procedures
  • Multiple image types and 
  • Requirement for compliance (PCI, IRAP etc)
  • Extensive change control and approval processes
  • Complex network requiring change to connect AWS Workspaces in supporting infrastructure services and backend systems

Request statement of work

CMD – AWS Workspaces Accelerator for VDI BCP

* Prices exclude GST. There are some requirements needed to implement this solution. Contact us for a run down.