Application modernisation

Deploy, scale and manage with modern container platforms

Build or renew containerised platforms on AWS with CMD Solutions expertise.

Container platforms (including ECS, EKS and Fargate) are transforming container orchestration as a standard platform for modern applications, offering increased scope to build new applications and transform legacy workloads.

CMD are leaders in the market, working with clients to achieve significant gains in agility and scalability through the use of Amazon’s container platform ecosystem. This experience has seen clients obtain a reduction in application release time from days (or even weeks) to just minutes.

We begin by understanding our clients’ desired outcome from the outset, followed by a considered design and build process based on the best technologies and our expertise to deliver an end result that delivers against the business objectives. Our mantra is: “Let the outcome drive the technology, not the technology drive the outcome!”


  • Platform agnostic – integrates across cloud offerings, apps, other products
  • Get rapid gains in scalability
  • Improved developer experience
  • Enhanced security scanning and visibility
  • Automate deployment and reduce testing time
  • Optimise cost of running applications
  • Fast, reliable and secure release process

Our approach

Automation is the core of everything we do, using Infrastructure as Code and DevOps practices to build resilient, secure and scalable cloud applications.

Our team leverage this experience, combine it with our AWS and container expertise to configure applications to release faster, scale, be more reliable and build in monitoring.

More information

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