Automation and DevOps

Secure cloud environments

Development is moving faster, the frequency of application releases and system changes has increased based on business demand to speed up the product time to market, however the increased speed can be at the expense of quality.


Automation not only plays a critical role in speeding up delivery but it also improves the quality of delivery by applying the same repeatable process into standardised environments. Automated Continuous Delivery build processes allow Operations and Development to work together to produce a high quality outcome that is free from errors.


As an Advanced AWS consulting partner, CMD assists our clients to transform using Automation and baking in Security within secure AWS environments tailored for our clients needs.


Our AWS environments include:

  • Automated environment creation
  • DevSecOps methods and CICD toolsets
  • Baked in automated security controls
  • Aligned with compliance standards (PCI, APRA, ISO, IRAP)


We’re able to assist our clients meet their cloud transformation objectives by combining our DevSecOps consulting experience with our specialised knowledge of AWS.


Our AWS DevSecOps capability leverages the security services available within AWS and some third party tooling to meet the organisation’s compliance requirements or target state architecture objectives.

Our best practice architecture includes these AWS security services:

  • AWS CloudFormation for the whole environment
  • IAM – Deployment pipeline and RBAC design
  • AWS Inspector
  • AWS Config and Config Rules
  • AWS CloudTrail
  • AWS CloudWatch and CloudWatch events
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Key Management Service
  • AWS Direct Connect
AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

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