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Enabling modernisation, innovation and resiliency for Bravura



Company Overview

Bravura Solutions is a market-leading provider for financial services software solutions. Bravura has an ever-expanding team of over 1400 people in 12 offices across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, India and Asia, supporting a rapidly growing customer base.

With over 30 years of experience and A$5.7 trillion/US$4 trillion/£3 trillion in assets entrusted to Bravura’s systems, their next-generation software solutions help clients:

  • Increase operational and cost efficiency
  • Enhance their ability to innovate and grow, and
  • Minimise their risk of downtime for Critical applications, and
  • Enable them to provide an enhanced level of customer services to meet SLAs for RTO and RPO.

Using their global scale and local expertise, combined with their innovative modern technology, Bravura aims to power and transform the world’s leading financial services businesses, today and for the future.


Bravura has been operating with a range of offerings in the market across Intelligent Administration and Advice, Wealth Management, Life and Protection, Transfer Agency, Digital, Financial Messaging and Workplace systems. Bravura’s target customers are now looking for fully managed highly available platforms which enable them to concentrate on business outcomes. This requirement for a SaaS offering led to an opportunity for Bravura to standardise and enhance their offerings from on-premise ISV to global hosting on AWS.

Bravura have been working with AWS for a number of years (~4 years) however have significantly ramped up investment into adopting AWS as the primary cloud provider in the last 2 years.

The Challenge

Bravura applications and services were running across customer hosted, Bravura managed DC hosted and Bravura cloud hosted environments. Inconsistency of customer environments led to slower deployment times and made products more prone to error and downtime due to inconsistencies across technology variabilities from customer to customer.

There were a number of other challenges that Bravura wanted to address;

  • A lack of cost visibility across workloads
  • High cost to onboard and operationalise customers
  • Inconsistency with manual release patterns, increasing risk of failure, downtime and time to recover
  • Legacy technology imposing strict scalability, cost and agility boundaries

The Solution

With AWS being selected as the primary cloud, Bravura engaged with CMD to assist with moving their enterprise financial application to a cloud hosted model on AWS, to scale faster and increase resiliency. A standard SaaS product offering was built ground up to enable global product offerings with a consistent approach to security and operations.

With a move to containers and kubernetes as the orchestrator, Bravura switched to a standardised way of packaging and deploying applications whilst enabling future modernisation initiatives, that include automated CI/CD deployments using Infrastructure as Code and DevSecOps methods to increase security, resiliency, consistency and quality. This also provided cost visibility across product, customer environments, per workload which increased the ability to forecast and sell products & new features to existing customers.

Services Deployed

  • Secure global landing zone: Control Tower, AWS Organisations, AWS SSO, GuardDuty, CloudTrail, Guardrails/SCPs
  • Defence in depth network: TGW, Shared VPCs (RAM)
  • Secure thick client software delivery at scale: AppStream 2.0
  • Managed Database platform: RDS
  • Logging and archiving:  CloudWatch Logs, Kinesis for centralised log streaming & archiving
  • Modern API and application stack: AWS EKS, ECR
  • Encryption and certificates: KMS, ACM
  • Managed Streaming Data: Managed Apache Kafka (MSK), Kafka GitOps
  • GitOps: FluxCD, Helm Charts, Gitlab Registries
  • Billing/Notifications: Budgets, CloudWatch Alarms, SNS 
  • Patching/Compliance: Config, Patch Manager, Inspector
  • Configuration Management: SSM Parameters, Secrets Manager
  • Security Appliance Integration: Gateway Load Balancer, PrivateLink

The Results

  • Moved enterprise financial application to a cloud hosted model on AWS
  • Provides Bravura with flexibility on hosting i.e. tiered services for customers which were not achievable in hosted on premise environment
  • Standardised environment globally enabling economies of scale for high available workloads improving resiliency
  • A combination of AWS Backup and replication of backup data making it available in the second region.
  • Driven by customer demand and business requirements
  • Successfully launched largest Australian customer on AWS using modern AWS stack
  • Improved Observability for threat detection, incident response, security audit and compliance, visibility, and governance
  • Improved developer experience with standardisation of platform, tooling and software delivery processes being implemented across applications
  • Increased business demand for cloud hosting offerings
  • traditional delivery model to modern agile software deployment
  • Global organisation with consistent technology across multiple AWS regions

What’s next for Bravura?

Bravura would like to start leveraging advanced AWS native solutions e.g. AI/ML & Streaming to enable the vision of being a data-driven organisation while providing further capabilities to their customers, and further distinguishing themselves in the market

Other key initiatives include;

  • Migration/movement of on-prem hosted workloads onto Global AWS LZ.
  • Enabling new ways of offering products to customers: e.g. tiered cost models, reducing the cost of smaller customers and providing more functionality to customers willing to invest more in the offerings
  • Right-sizing products for customers.

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