Canberra based Dexar Group identified an opportunity to give its customers a competitive advantage by integrating property and market data from many different sources into one place. Isolated data was preventing timely and complete data analysis. The traditional approach to leveraging this siloed data is usually establishing a data warehouse, which are generally costly to maintain, and relatively unresponsive to timely business queries.


CMD Solutions approached this challenge by creating an AWS hosted data lake, connecting all of the existing systems in an ‘as is’ state to allow information across them to be queried at once, using a single log-in presenting the aggregated results in a uniform format via the Dexar portal. This project is understood to be the first time a data lake has been implemented in an Australian property industry organisation.


“We consider CMD Solutions a strategic partner for our future digital transformations and innovations, and key to unlocking new technologies for our business to leverage.”
– CTO, Dexar Group


  • Dexar Group identifies competitive advantage opportunity through data aggregating
  • AWS technologies offer a modern, low cost and agile solution
  • Landmark use of data lake technology in property industry


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April, 2019