We know Digital Transformation


We worked with a large multinational telecommunications company to modernise their aging front-end architecture, leveraging a headless CMS and content served through single page applications.

The challenge

The architecture refresh would be a multi-year digital transformation program and covered both their online sales and marketing platforms.

The first objective was to simplify their systems to provide a consistent omnichannel experience before moving on to create a consolidated view of a customer’s footprint and finally, tailoring offerings based upon unique profiles.

In support of our clients front-end architecture refresh, we…

Completed an initial design and technical proof-of-concept build of the UI components.

Developed front end components leveraging React and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a headless Content Management System (CMS).

Established common platform services deployed on AWS, including CI/CD (Jenkins) pipelines, test automation & quality assurance frameworks and monitoring services.

Explored the re-use of existing digital assets and back-end systems to deliver the desired user experience.

Developed serverless application components by building Node.js Lambda functions.