At 138 years old, IMB Bank (imb) is Australia’s oldest bank and was the first Australian bank to introduce Internet banking back in 1999. Offering financial products across a wide range of services including banking, finance and insurance in late 2017, imb was informed by its existing provider that it was closing its Melbourne data centre. It was given a six week deadline to fully vacate the data centre and be operational in another. Throughout a migration, imb had to remain compliant with strict regulations around its technology and processes imposed by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.


With deep experience in heavily regulated environments, CMD Solutions was brought on board to deliver the project securely and at speed. By bringing together the best technology in AWS, an experienced technical and project team in CMD Solutions with its own IT and governance staff, imb was able to meet the challenge of time and reap the benefits of the latest technology.


  • Project delivered with full integrity under extreme time pressure
  • Migration to AWS cloud services saw immediate savings and agility in IT operation
  • Higher availability, better performance, lower cost and unprecedented visibility on online banking platform status


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