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LearnCMD For Business

Rapidly upskill your team in AWS by the leaders in this space. We are offering opportunities for businesses looking to upskill their team members in AWS with an intensive bootcamp.

Learn from the leaders in AWS

LearnCMD is an intensive online bootcamp offered by the experts at CMD Solutions; the leading consultancy in AWS solutions in Australia, having won both the AWS Migration Partner of the Year, 2022, and Services Partner of the Year, 2022.

LearnCMD: What it’s all about

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Are you ready to bring the knowledge in-house?

LearnCMD is designed to fast-track your team members who are technically skilled but have had minimal exposure to AWS. It’s especially Ideal for Infrastructure and Engineering teams working on an AWS Migration or Modernisation. With LearnCMD, you can upskill your team with AWS training provided by the leaders in AWS from CMD Solutions.

Why we’re different

LearnCMD is perfect if you’re undergoing a major AWS Migration or Modernisation. By training your internal team and equipping them with the tools to run the project in-house, you’ll save time, effort and money by reducing the need for external help.

Your team will be trained with the most up-to-date technologies, tools, and knowledge. The training modules include:

Cloud Networking
Automation DevSecOps
Cloud Migrations
End User Computing

  • Strong server (Windows & Linux) Active Directory and SOE experience
  • Scripting skills in bash, Powershell or Python
  • Basic understanding of Git and some modern DevOps practices

"Better understanding of AWS as a whole"

"I'm just excited to have learned a better understanding of AWS as a whole. We have another team that looks after AWS along with CMD Solutions so I don't do any of the day-to-day or touch AWS at our company just yet, but it has shown me a lot, so I feel like I will understand much more once we do get to that point as a company."
Marlene Jacobie - Systems Engineer at Cuscal

"Modern techniques and industry standards"

"Being a complete beginner to the cloud, it was very impactful that LearnCMD touched on so many modern techniques and industry standards. I can now feel comfortable raising my hand for IaS development if it is required. Since we were exposed to all the important IaS services (terraform, CF, cdk)"
Derek Chen - Software Developer at Reece

"A very hands-on and practical experience"

"There was a wide range of topics covered by many different subject matter experts - although this meant there were a lot of differences in how the sessions were delivered, it was good to learn from so many different people. LearnCMD was a very hands-on and practical experience, which is different to previous experiences when learning about new systems. Having access to an environment where we could deploy resources and see how things worked for ourselves was invaluable, and not something that would be readily available elsewhere."
On-Premises Engineer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this full-time or after-hours?
Full-time. Typically 8 hours per day of classes are involved

Is the bootcamp online or in-person?
All classes are conducted online, enabling students to access the bootcamp from anywhere in Australia

When does the next bootcamp start?
2023 TBC

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