Are you experienced in a ‘traditional’ IT role and looking to make the career move to building modern cloud solutions on AWS?

We are offering opportunities for people who may not have had a chance to get professional cloud experience to jump start their cloud career with a 3-week intensive bootcamp.

Learn from the best in the biz

LearnCMD is an intensive three week training bootcamp offered by the experts at CMD Solutions; the leading consultancy in AWS solutions in Australia, having won both the  AWS Migration Partner of the Year, 2022, and Services Partner of the Year, 2022. 

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Do any of the below describe you and where you want to take your career?

Windows or linux system administrator
and have a passion for automation and using modern management techniques such as Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code?

Virtual Desktop Administrator
Designed and built large scale VDI environments and looking to leverage your existing knowledge whilst cross skilling across other cloud technologies?

DevOps and automation engineer
Enjoy assisting development teams with the automated building and release of applications either on premise or into a cloud environment?

Container SME
Built out container environments on-premise or on a competing cloud and want to try your hand at large scale container platforms on AWS?

Database administrator
Have strong traditional data experience with either Relational databases, Data warehouses and/or ETL and looking to jump into cloud native data technologies?

Have a strong development background and looking to expand your experience into modern cloud applications such as serverless?

So, what’s in it for me?

Join the amazing team at CMD Solutions, the leading consultancy in AWS solutions in Australia, having won both the AWS Migration Partner of the Year, 2022, and Services Partner of the Year, 2022.


Upon completion of the LearnCMD bootcamp, you will have a permanent role at CMD Solutions


You’ll get paid to transition your skills to AWS, even during the bootcamp

What LearnCMD graduates have to say

Along with other new starters, as well as CMD Solutions clients, I have learnt everything from security to infrastructure as code, containers to Terraform. This program is a great way to solidify my knowledge coming into this role, as well as prepare me to work with clients.

A recent highlight that only the internal participants received was the consulting fundamentals sessions, which wrapped up the whole program with the soft skills that go along with the technicals skills which are required to do well in this role.

Daniel Chegwidden, Software Engineer at CMD Solutions

When I started at CMD three and a half years ago, I had no AWS experience and was trying to self-learn by spending hours and hours reading and practising. However, CMD training/brownbags and all of the support I got from our amazing team was crucial to my evolution. The LearnCMD bootcamp takes this to another whole level.

Naum Fujimori, DevOps Consultant

When I joined CMD, I had extensive experience with Kubernetes and container platforms, on-prem PaaS, and some GCP. I hadn’t used AWS outside of the most basic services. The CMD team helped me rapidly up-skill to map my existing knowledge to AWS services, learn best-practice implementations, and get exposure to diverse customer requirements. The experience gained reinforced the theory I was studying for my Solutions Architect Associate certificate, and having the CMD team to discuss ideas in the context of real world problems was invaluable in improving my understanding and confidence.

Ross Williamson, Senior Consultant

Prior to joining CMD, I worked as an IT consultant for several years but hadn’t worked on AWS in-depth outside of the fundamental services. Through the LearnCMD program I deepened my knowledge about AWS services, tested my skills working on billable projects under Migration and EUC competency areas. The LearnCMD pathway is well structured and I was able to follow it at my own pace. A big milestone in my learning was that the knowledge that I gained, helped me prepare for certification exams like the AWS solution architect associate, while also improving my confidence. After completing the program and continuing to work full time on client projects, I can now say that working with AWS is not only fun but also challenging.

Rupali Aparajita, Consultant at CMD Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this fulltime or after-hours?

What if I don’t have all of the skills listed above?
That is fine, however we require candidates to have a Minimum of 3-5 years industry experience

Will I get paid during the bootcamp?
Yes you will become a permanent employee of CMD

Do I need to physically attend workshops?
Due to Covid-19 we will run all workshops online until further notice

When does the next bootcamp start?
29th August 2022

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