Cloud migration capability

Modernise and transform with a hybrid or complete cloud migration

The pace of change in technology is getting faster, driving new challenges in product and customer demand.

By adopting cloud technologies, organisations can be transformed by an IT operation that reflects the agility, speed and security demanded by modern enterprise.

Whether the approach is hybrid or a complete migration, the benefits of a cloud platform can begin to be realised almost immediately through the use of DevOps practices.

Integrate CMD Solutions’ automation IP and gain efficiencies by reducing processes and creating repeatable patterns.

Bake-in security with our specialist security services, backed in at every level to ensure your IT operation is fully defendable.


  • Exit data centres
  • Secure and scalable
  • High performance
  • High availability
  • Realise cost efficiences

Our approach

Our approach is to begin with a Discovery process that reviews the existing application and server environment and options for migration.

We’ll propose a strategy that includes objectives, right-fit solutions and expected outcomes. This strategy will define the supporting services and cloud application patterns, and provide details of the current operating model mapped to the transformed cloud operating model.

The entire Discovery process is calibrated at ensuring an optimised future run-state in keeping with the overall business objectives.

This approach is key to a successful migration and supports the key objectives of any migration:

  • Reduced cost of migration and future run costs
  • Right solution to match requirements
  • Increased speed of migration
  • Security best practice review and enhancement
  • Patterned application architectures
  • Defined operating model
  • Documented solution