MobileDEN eliminates downtime and moves to a DevSecOps environment where development, testing and deployment is securely automated


  • New products can be trialled in minutes reducing time-to-market
  • Understand the challenge and adapt the business processes
  • Automate AWS services – from the API Gateway to SQS, Lambda and caching

MobileDEN’s loyalty, payments and online ordering business was growing in a big way. The digital platform provider saw demand for its mobile ordering and loyalty program increase rapidly over 18 months to manage more than 1.1 million customer accounts and process some 500,000 transactions per month.

The challenge

MobileDEN’s applications had been on AWS from day one; however, a major business challenge needed to be overcome.

This challenge was spikey demand. Payments and ordering demand changes rapidly, for example with coffee orders: there’s virtually none at 3am, but once morning peak hour begins there’s a huge change in platform demand.

Other MobileDEN clients experience spikes in the evenings, with large order volumes on Friday and Saturday nights.

A second challenge was ensuring PCI compliance – ensuring that MobileDEN’s platform was secure for processing the credit card information of customers.

Looking address the issues and set the organisation on a path of growth, MobileDEN engaged AWS Advanced Consulting Partner CMD Solutions to automate its scaling demands and development process in a secure manner.

The solution

Adoptiong a microservice architecture has allowed MobileDEN to self-scale by having next to no servers at night when demand is low, and scale at known peak ordering times. This leading edge cloud computing approach assists with controlling both risk and cost.

MobileDEN also embarked on a program to integrate DevSecOps practices to provide automated deployment and release patterns – meaning it could develop and consume cloud services securely.

MobileDEN engineers can now build a full environment securely in under 15 minutes and trial new features by putting a ‘canary’ release out into production for a few minutes and then retract it back, a pioneering process allowing for zero downtime during releases.

Meanwhile, MobileDEN achieved a serverless PCI compliant environment by leveraging existing PCI compliant services provided by AWS. This architecture delivers PCI compliance without the cost overhead as AWS has already done a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ required.

Services deployed

The result

MobileDEN embraced cutting edge cloud and security technologies to address key challenges to the expansion and risk exposure of its business.

MobileDEN can now automatically scale server availability according to demand, delivering cost efficiency benefits. It has a stable and robust DevSecOps platform, allowing a rapid release and reducing time to market.

These gains were achieved with MobileDEN remaining compliant and improving its security posture by leveraging existing PCI compliant services provided by AWS.