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End-to-end Cloud Migration Optimisation & Governance.

What is MoveCMD?

MoveCMD simplifies large-scale Cloud Migrations from initial discovery through to decommissioning On-Premise infrastructure. By taking an Application view of your portfolio, MoveCMD ensures smooth migrations through managing risk and with minimal downtime.

Why MoveCMD?

MoveCMD helps by

Speeding up

and simplifying the cloud adoption journey so you can take advantage of the benefits quicker

Increasing visiblity

of the migration status beyond basic project reporting and spreadsheets to get full stakeholder support throughout the entire project lifecycle


the cloud migration by using a cloud migration methodology that combines with proven templates and effective project management systems
"MoveCMD provided some much needed alignment on cloud strategy. The platform allowed for a simple way to view on premise costs and ROI for migrating services to AWS.”
Guy Jackson - Delivery Engineering Team Lead at Reece Group

MoveCMD is a SaaS tool providing a single source of truth for all parties involved in Cloud migration projects.

It solves the problem of the lack of visibility on who is doing what in relation to migrating your Applications and Servers to the cloud. Your internal team, third-parties and CMD Solutions consultants can all share live information about the project’s progress. MoveCMD can connect to your AWS accounts and orchestrate (automate) migration activities reducing manual effort.

There are many automated discovery tools available for assessing On-Premise environments, but MoveCMD combines all of this into a single view that aligns with the way your organisation thinks about important Applications rather than just breaking it down into the infrastructure resources.

  • Fast tracked migration
  • Reduced migration risks
  • Faster DC Exit
  • Reduced run costs
  • Creating a single source of truth and eliminating spreadsheets
  • Accelerates cloud adoption so you can take advantage of cloud benefits sooner

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