Next-Gen Managed Services

Build and Run Services tailored to suit your Cloud platform needs

Design, build and manage a wide range of managed services on AWS including: compliant AWS landing zone and platform, application build and release pipelines, server management at scale, and cloud native application management, End User Compute services, modern data platforms and more.

We partner with you to achieve optimised, cost effective and secure environments. Our experience, automated processes and tooling ensures customers a secure, resilient and dynamic environment with rapid response to events when they occur.

Our managed service team collaborates with CMD’s specialist practices to ensure we are continuously leveraging best practices across a range of domains including security, data, application modernisation, migration, end user compute and cloud excellence.


Cost Effective – Reducing your total cost of ownership by leveraging a highly experienced site reliability engineering team that provides reliable and scalable managed services on the world leading cloud provider, AWS.

Flexible – We offer a range of services managed through automation to ensure a lean production ready environment enabling customers to concentrate on their core business objectives. The services provided are all underpinned by a flexible shared responsibility model aligned to your requirements.

Compliant –  Our managed service manages industry leading, highly regulated environments that are required to maintain compliance with industry regulations i.e. IRAP, PCI etc.

Secure – our approach to DevSecOps leveraging industry leading continuous compliance tooling, ensures a constant feedback loop on the state of your environment. 

Agile – Onboard quickly and rapidly stand up the managed service supporting your project pipeline to release faster with less effort.

Incident Response – 24X7 Incident Response and elevated support available on request.

Our Approach

Automation is at the core of everything we do, utilising Infrastructure as Code and DevSecOps practices to build resilient, secure and scalable cloud environments.

Our team leverages this experience and combines it with our extensive specialist knowledge to configure applications to release faster, scale, and be more reliable with built in monitoring and compliance.

Our Offerings

Our customers have a range of options tailored to meet their changing requirements and challenges including:

Next-Gen Managed Services – A modern managed service offering which provides customers with up to the operating system management for their AWS environment built on automation to ensure consistency and cost-effective management at scale. Designed to leverage automation and economies of scale to enable us to provide operational and security services to customers at scale, more cost effectively/efficiently than customers are able to achieve alone.

DevOps as a ServiceNext-Gen Managed Services combined with a flexible, subscription based model that is centred around ongoing Continuous Improvement to ensure your environment stays in step with the latest advancements.

End User Compute (EUC) – Service that provides specialist skills in Amazon Digital Workplace Services including Amazon Appstream and Amazon Workspaces wrapped in DevOps automation.

Managed Data Services –  That can manage your databases, data pipelines, and BI tooling. 

Our Service Features

  • 24X7 Site Reliability
  • Observability
  • Automation / Everything as Code
  • Continuous Compliance
  • Cost Optimization and Management
  • Reporting
  • Delivery Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • DevOps Enablement

Why CMD Managed Services

We are an AWS premier partner with many years of experience in designing, building and managing AWS environments. CMD’s managed services provides a unique set of services and skills enabling our customers to focus on their core value add business activities. We reduce the total cost of ownership of running environments in the Cloud and ensure that reliability and security are built into each environment. 

In addition to our reactive support which ensures your system security and availability we provide a next generation managed service that leverages the best site reliability engineers (SRE) in the industry along with our proprietary runCMD automation tooling to give you confidence that your environment will be online, scalable and self healing just as Cloud environments were meant to perform.

We engaged CMD Solutions Managed Service team to uplift and operate our environment. The relationship with CMD has substantially improved our risk profile through improved monitoring and alerting, automation pipelines and DevOps practices. The highly skilled team of Site Reliability engineers combined with CMD's 'runCMD' platform has reduced our total cost of ownership of operating our environment in the Cloud.

Manager IT and Communications, CareSouth Everyday

CMD Solutions brought neat automation and innovative methods to this project and delivered a high-quality, fit-for-purpose outcome that was crucial in bringing our product to market

CTO, Whitecoat

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