Next-Gen Managed Services

Build and Run Services tailored to suit your Cloud platform needs

Design, build and manage a wide range of services including Infrastructure as Code, Container Applications, End User Compute services and modern Data platforms on AWS.

CMD are leaders in the market, working with clients to achieve an optimized, cost effective and secure environment for our customers. Our experience and tooling ensure customers enjoy a secure and dynamic environment with rapid response to events when they occur.

Our managed Service team collaborates with CMD’s specialist practices to ensure we are continuously leveraging best practices.


Flexible – We offer a range of services including Infrastructure Management, End User Compute, Container and Serverless platforms and modern data platforms.

Secure – our approach to DevSecOps leveraging industry leading continuous compliance tooling, ensures a constant feedback loop on the state of your environment.

Speed to Market – Rapid build & manage service for smaller project builds.

Incident Response – 24X7 Incident Response and elevated support available on request.

Our Approach

Automation is the core of everything we do, utilising Infrastructure as Code and DevSecOps practices to build resilient, secure and scalable cloud environments.

Our team leverages this experience and combines it with our extensive expertise to configure applications to release faster, scale, be more reliable with built in monitoring and compliance.