Servicing travellers across 134 countries is all in a day’s work at Australian travel insurance company nib Travel, formally know as World Nomads Group. nib Travel offers a range of travel solutions, including content, advice on travel safety, and emergency assistance. With more than a million customer engagements a year, and some $150 million in revenue, the InsureTech eyed cloud to meet its global growth ambitions.


CMD Solutions assisted nib Travel to modernise their systems by implementing a hybrid cloud environment introduced an Infrastructure-as-code approach to deploy applications with the right resources. nib Travel can now benefit from the efficiency of a ‘serverless’ architecture and microservices can be deployed rapidly in response to changing demands.


“CMD Solutions has been instrumental in the migration and provided us with cloud specialists for a significant period of time. There was a complex set of changes to get to the level of infrastructure-as-code.”
– Head of Software Applications and Development, nib Travel


  • Bringing Australian insurance technology to the global market
  • Hybrid cloud: Modernised without a wholesale migration
  • Infrastructure-as-code to deploy applications with the right resources
  • Cloud adoption reduces downtime and increases conversion rates


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