Professional Consulting Services

Professional consulting services

Professional consulting services are at the core of our business. We study your IT operation and understand your business objectives to provide solutions for you to get the best out of IT, sooner. One of the things that sets us apart is our ability to understand the business requirements and their translated technical requirements as they relate to a security focused cloud architecture. We’re able to work at both the strategic advisory level and technical design and implementation level. We have a team of senior specialist consultants that are able to partner with your team to determine the best and most efficient method of achieving the business objectives.


We use an iterative agile approach during our engagements to achieve the business outcome quicker without increasing risk or sacrificing quality. The feedback cycle is reduced enabling the plan to pivot with each incremental change being well considered and implemented as planned. The team’s progress is reviewed and validated to ensure the desired outcomes are met before the next sprint cycle is commenced.

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Cloud Security

CMD is a security focused consulting company and as such has a security capability that is divided into two main areas, DevSecOps security engineering and Cloud Security Risk Management.

DevSecOps Cloud security engineering

CMD assists our clients to enhance their operational security posture by using Infrastructure As Code processes to embed security controls into our cloud environments from the core.

Cloud Security Risk Management

CMD determines the suitability of cloud service adoption for specific workloads by assessing threats and risks posed against the Cloud provider’s organisation, services and configuration controls.

Cloud Managed DevOps

Using DevOps to run Enterprise Production environments is a huge shift away from the traditional approach. The change requires a transformed platform and experienced DevOps capability to realise the full benefits.

Automation and DevOps

Development is moving faster, the frequency of application releases and system changes has increased based on business demand to speed up the product time to market, often at the expense of quality.

Cloud Transformation

Operational transformation is achieved by adopting an efficient, scalable and secure platform along with cultural change. The cloud adoption process is a journey starting with discovery and design...