We know Serverless Apps


We have worked with a market regulator to build a new price comparison website leveraging a modern serverless application framework.

The challenge

Electricity and gas retail markets are becoming increasingly complex to navigate but at the same time, innovation and technology is empowering consumers and enabling them to save money by managing their energy consumption more efficiently. The existing price comparison website had to be enhanced and some limitations addressed to provide more accurate price estimates that would help residential and small business energy consumers find a suitable energy plan.

In support of enhancing our clients energy comparison service, we…

Were responsible for the end-to-end solution, covering architecture, design, build, implementation and ongoing operational support of the application and cloud infrastructure components.

Implemented a serverless Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure platform leveraging the AWS API Gateway, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, AWS Route 53, AWS S3 and AWS SNS services.

Integrated observability into all aspects of the solution using tools, including AWS X-Ray for distributed tracing, to provide efficient management and troubleshooting support in production.

Delivered all Web UI, API and cloud infrastructure components that were scalable and maintainable to evolve alongside future changes to the energy market.

Incorporated CI/CD techniques with automation implemented where it added value.