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Cloud Excellence

Cloud Excellence underpins all of our services through foundation patterns and the building of foundational services. We focus on developing and supporting well architected solutions for your business to build best practice cloud platforms.

Analyse and assess your environment, challenges and goals so you can get the most out of your cloud investment.

We help customers develop and enhance cloud skills on AWS and supporting technologies needed to thrive in the cloud.

Our principal-based consultants help you see around corners and guide you on your cloud journey.

Services we offer

Cloud Advisory

Cloud Enablement

Sustainability in the Cloud

Well Architected Reviews

Landing Zone Assessments

Cost Optimisation

Resiliency Assessments

Multi Region and AZ best practices

Industry and regulatory specific solutions

What is Cloud Excellence?

We can help you discover new ways to reveal the power of the cloud through Cloud Excellence; a best practice approach to drive cloud-enabled transformation. We envelop the power of change and value by putting cloud at the centre of your business. By assessing the  operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimisation, and sustainability to align to the goals of your business  and enabling solutions to get you realising the benefits of the cloud.

Cloud Advisory​

We take a broad approach, ensuring we address key areas:

Cloud Strategy

How to leverage the cloud to the greatest effect, and maximise return on investment.

Cloud Operating Model​

Forming a model for your organisation’s successful adoption of cloud and delivering greater business agility.

Cloud Operations Integration Processes (OI)​

The process of modernising operations in the cloud through: readiness, automation, and integration.

Cloud Cost Optimisation

Looking at your current cloud and processes for ways to optimise your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We look at more than just the tech to help increase business value of the cloud.

Cloud Enablement​

Our expert consultants can upskill your internal teams on the latest AWS services and technologies through:

  • Running AWS Immersion Days 
  • Custom training programs
  • LearnCMD 
  • AWS Training Partner

Meet the team

Bryan Becker

  • Icon Person Practice Manager: CMD Cloud Excellence

Bryan Becker

Practice Manager: CMD Cloud Excellence

Bryan leads the Cloud Excellence practice and provides our customers with advisory solutions to help them maximise their cloud. Bryan’s enjoyed consulting in IT for 20 years and strives to learn new ways to help customers get the best out of their cloud. 

James Boswell (Bozzie)

  • Icon Person Principal Consultant

James Boswell (Bozzie)

Principal Consultant

With nearly 40 years of experience, Bozzie has had the privilege of working across many industry verticals, and almost every layer of the technology stack, from hardware to user interfaces.

Arjen Schwarz

  • Icon Person Principal Consultant

Arjen Schwarz

Principal Consultant

An AWS Ambassador and keen community advocate, he spends his time coming up with solutions and helping clients solve problems.

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