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We help modernise your on-premise data solutions by migrating them to purpose built, automated cloud data platforms powered by AWS.

Increase data velocity using modern cloud data pipelines.

Dramatically improve data infrastructure scalability by moving to the cloud and removing tech debt from your balance sheet.

Future-proof your data infrastructure using the latest services from our best of breed partners; AWS, Snowflake and Immuta.

Our Services in Data

Legacy Data Solution Cloud Migration

Industrial Cloud IOT

On-Premise Cloud Data Modernisation

Enabling powerful decision making in your business

Using automation templates from our code libraries and accelerators, we can rapidly deploy modern data infrastructure hosted on AWS to enable your move to the cloud, speed up the business consumption of analytics and generate faster business insights for more powerful decision making.

How we work

We use our proprietary Data Solution Lifecycle to expose and prioritise the business requirements within the data domain. We then translate this into a solution design, using the latest tooling and automation techniques within data engineering to achieve the data consumption pattern required to meet your business use case goals.

Why CMD Solutions?

We are truly end-to-end data. Our team will begin at the strategy and roadmap stage, then move to executing all aspects of build and development including APIs, BI and reporting, preparing data for AI and ML services. We’ll also support the solution post-deployment through our specialised Managed Services team.

Truly end-to-end

The depth of Mantel Group includes design and pursuit modelling through Pretzel Lab; MLOps, AI and ML development through Eliiza and Databricks implementations and services through Cuusoo. CMD Solutions can handle all your data solution needs.

Meet the team

Chris Tonna

  • Icon Person Practice Manager: Data

Chris Tonna

Practice Manager: Data

At CMD Solutions, we love to simplify the data landscape and build practical, scalable cloud data solutions to meet your business needs. After 22 years in this space, I am still learning everyday.

Scott Shellien-Walker

  • Icon Person Principal Consultant Data

Scott Shellien-Walker

Principal Consultant Data


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