Enabling Business Growth, Application Performance, and Rapid Software Delivery Capability on AWS.
2018 – 2021.


Simple.io is an Australian based marketing software organisation. Their marketing operations platform helps to streamline companies’ marketing capabilities including the planning, creation and optimisation of all their marketing activities to deliver exceptional customer experiences across every marketing touchpoint. Their cloud-based platform provides a central workplace and source of truth that empowers marketing teams and their agencies with one view across all channels.

The challenge

Simple.io were facing the following challenges:

  • A lack of skill sets and internal capability in the cloud. This inhibited Simple.io’s ability to maintain, optimize and enhance the environment and improve security, performance and resilience posture in line with AWS best practice.
  • Significant demand from business to adopt cloud technologies whilst maintaining business requirements and uplifting application performance

The solution

In a prior engagement, CMD Solutions assisted Simple to form an AWS platform to help enhance and future-proof their applications to ensure they meet the performance, scalability and security requirements. This included a requirement to perform changes at speed with minimal manual effort. 

As a second phase, Simple required an ongoing managed service engagement to ensure the application and underlying platform maintained performance, security and compliance requirements from both a business and technical perspective.

The CMD’s Managed Service provided the following features and components:

  • 24X7 Incident Response 
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Pipelines
  • Logging, Alerting and Monitoring
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Cost optimization
  • Security hardening and Continuous Compliance 
  • Automated patching and backup to ensure adherence to agreed recovery point objectives.
  • Regular platform health checks detailed in CMD’s monthly reporting

Services Deployed

Third party applications or solutions used:

  • Gitlab for CI/CD
  • Packer for automated AMI builds
  • Terraform for Infrastructure as Code

How AWS was used as part of the solution:

Fit-for-purpose AWS services were used to ensure scalability, velocity of delivery, minimal operational burden, security and compliance. The solution included, but was not limited to, the following AWS services:

  • EC2
  • ASG
  • AWS Systems Manager
  • ELB
  • S3
  • VPC
  • IAM
  • CloudTrail
  • GuardDuty
  • AWS Config

The Result

CMD Solutions’ provided incident response coupled with Continuous Improvement to drive platform enhancements, protecting and enhancing the customers technology assets.

The result of this engagement for Simple.io encompasses the following:

  • Platform build and uplift, enabling access to cloud native services and other key benefits such as cost optimization, scalability and uplifted application performance
  • Detailed documentation, handover and upskilling activities ensuring effective knowledge transfer and build of internal capabilities.
  • Repeatable deployment patterns to increase speed to value
  • Improved security, availability and agility

Simple.io aims to be product leaders in the marketing operations software space. The aforementioned outcomes have helped and enabled Simple.io to provide stronger and more reliable customer experience, whilst driving stronger operational efficiencies.

CMD Solutions took on the management of Simple’s AWS environment with an initial focus on cost optimization and improved environment stability through the introduction of high availability. These goals were achieved and completed as part of our monthly backlog creation and prioritisation through CMD Solutions’ next generation Managed Service offering. CMD Solutions also created a new Landing Zone following AWS best practice. Deployments were uplifted to enable the Simple.io development team to seamlessly deploy applications using automation, significantly reducing deployment times.  

CMD’s Managed Service continues to drive improvements and uplift of the environment including the delivery of a Multi-Tenant solution.