VMware Cloud on AWS

Achieve total transformation with VMC on AWS

Gain access to enterprise class Software-Defined Data Centers on Amazon Web Services (AWS), delivered as an on-demand service with access to AWS services and other solutions like robust disaster protection using VMware Cloud on AWS. 

VMware Cloud  on AWS combined with a side-by-side AWS native environment is an effective way to realise cost efficiency through Data Centre decommissioning, while at the same time unlocking innovation in the AWS native transformation environment.

By leveraging the same architecture on-premises and on the cloud, your IT team can quickly realise the benefits of AWS and VMware Cloud.

CMD recommends taking a holistic approach to realise the benefits of a VMWare on AWS combined with an AWS native foundation environment to unlock innovation, scalability and realise greater efficiency.

Our approach

Effective architecture design allows our clients to maximise the benefits of both VMC on AWS and AWS native platforms. 

Utilising common operational processes and tooling across both environments where possible can assist customers to reduce the overall environment TCO and provide a standard security profile. 

Standardising tool sets across both platforms is also important to gain efficiency benefits and avoid ‘swivel chair’ situations of managing two different tools to do essentially the same job.

Systems availability can also be maximised by reducing the white noise often associated with many systems that are not effectively configured.


  • Reduced change to existing infrastructure team processes for rapid adoption 
  • Enable rapid integration of future workloads to cloud data centre (eg M&A)
  • Reduce data centre footprint / enable exit from current hosting
  • Remove requirement for large Capex hardware refresh
  • Establish AWS presence enabling easier transformation to public cloud
  • Simplify future cross cloud portability
  • Minimise application team effort / testing for cloud migrations

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