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Financial Services

We’re a trusted partner for a large number of Australian and New Zealand-based financial services clients across many different projects, enabling us to gain valuable insights into what’s going on in this sector.

Experience moving an APRA regulated

system of record to the cloud to provide regulators confidence that our cloud solution was better than the traditional IT approach.

Modernising legacy systems for our

Financial Services customers have helped them respond to rapid market changes quicker.

We've helped all major banks

in Australia with their OpenBanking solutions.

We're the largest Australian-owned

consultancy to have attained the AWS Financial Services Competency.

What our clients are saying

"CMD Solutions brought their expertise across AWS to this engagement to help us modernise our approach to infrastructure and the collaborative build of our multi-region EKS platform to production"
Greg Sansom
Director of Infrastructure Operations at Zip Co

Why CMD Solutions?

For years we’ve been a trusted partner for a large number of Australia and New Zealand based financial services companies across many different projects, enabling us to gain valuable insights into what’s going on in this sector. 

As an AWS Financial Services Competency Partner we provide cloud-based offerings that help accelerate innovation for banks, insurance companies, capital market firms, and payment processors of all sizes. These offerings allow your business to become more agile, strategic, and customer-focused.

Knowing what to pursue, and more importantly what not to spend effort on, can be the most important investment you make. Our team can help your business work out where to focus throughout the end-to-end product journey.

We know financial regulatory compliance

Our key offerings

Secure & Compliant Platforms for FSI

Design, build and operate enterprise grade secure cloud platforms enabling compliance at scale leveraging cloud and automation.

Open Banking

Open Banking is the evolution from a closed model in which each financial institution retains and controls information it collects about customers to an open API integration model in which customers and third parties have greater data access and control.

AI Assisted Claims Processing

AI based solution to speed up manual claims processing by recognising and interpreting scanned clinical notes, invoices and hand written documents

We’ve helped our customers solve
problems across a broad range of areas

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