End User Compute

Agility and efficiency

Organisations are facing efficiency, scaling and security challenges with end-user computing devices. CMD has used automation, combined with deep security experience to provide clients with secure, scalable end-user compute solutions through the use of technology such as AWS AppStream and AWS WorkSpaces.


CMD automated provisioning logic has enabled customers to spin up fleets of Virtual Desktops and provision applications a consumption-based model to provide the services as they are needed. Our EUC solution is complemented and underpinned by our robust AWS landing zone environment that uses defence in depth best practice security approaches.


CMD leverages AWS WorkSpaces and AWS AppStream to provide our clients with Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs) and AppStream services that address the challenges associated with Disaster Recovery scaling, security isolation and compliance, and high performance compute proximity.

AWS Appstream

Securely deliver desktop applications to any computer.

AWS Workspaces

Access your desktop anywhere, anytime, from any device.

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