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Spin up virtual desktops, enterprise apps
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The workplace is changing, organisations need more flexible working environments, there’s an increasing number of connected devices: How do organisations deliver a familiar desktop and business application consumption experience across devices and locations for users? Productivity and engagement are vital to business success and staff retention, how can this flexibility be provided without compromising security or the bottom-line?


It is possible, with Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon WorkSpaces combined with specialist automation and security services provided by CMD Solutions.


CMD has combined automation with deep security experience to provide clients with secure and scalable end-user compute solutions through the use of AWS technology.


CMD leverages Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 to provide customers with Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs) and Application streaming services that address the challenges associated with Disaster Recovery, BCP, scaling, security isolation and compliance, and high performance compute proximity.


Application and Workspace VDI can be scaled up and down according to use, delivering cost and network demand efficiencies.


These services provide organisations with a consistent secure user experience, regardless of location, and the service offering is well suited to organisations that have a geographically dispersed workforce.


The flexible services allow organisations to efficiently administer full security and service provisioning within Bring Your Own Device workplaces, thus providing a familiar Microsoft desktop user experience while remaining fully secure, fully compliant and gaining the dynamic agility benefits of the AWS Cloud.




  • Meet challenges of mobile workforce without compromising security compliance or control
  • Enable users to have a familiar desktop experience
  • Form strong continuous security compliance position within the AWS Cloud
  • Be cost efficient through provisioning applications and VDIs only as needed
  • Provide high performance compute power for intensive workloads as needed, only when needed

Our approach


CMD’s automated provisioning logic has enabled our customers to spin up fleets of VDIs and provision applications on a consumption-based model to provide the services only as they are needed and automatically tear them down when they’re not.


Our End User Compute solution is complemented and underpinned by our robust AWS landing zone environment that uses defence-in-depth best practice security approaches with leading DevOps Infrastructure As Code techniques to provide an automated, highly resilient and secure solution.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
AWS AppStream 2.0 – Securely deliver desktop applications to any computer.

CMD has used Amazon AppStream 2.0 to provide an ‘AaaS’ solution for customers to deliver end user compute to their users at a low cost and with a low management overhead. There are a number of components that combine to provide an end-to-end ‘AaaS’ environment. The CMD AWS AppStream 2.0 migration and management approach breaks these components into logical areas from foundations to ongoing management tasks ensuring that all implementation and operational activities are designed and implemented appropriately.

AWS Workspaces – Access your desktop anywhere, anytime, from any device.

CMD has used Amazon Workspaces to form the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) fully managed solution which takes away the onerous operation and management of Workspaces fleets. As an AWS advanced consulting partner, CMD adds automation technology combined with MSP expertise to deliver an ongoing secure 24x7 Workspaces offering backed by certified AWS engineers and architects.

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